Custom Money Essentials

  • 250 pieces of personalized $500 bills provided with every custom order
  • They're all yours to keep
  • Money is printed on heavy card stock (NOT cheap photocopy paper!)
  • Money is gloss-coated on front and back, giving it more durability and a high-quality look and feel
  • Full-color printing on both front and back
  • Finished dimensions are 2.125 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide, slightly smaller than real US currency (which is 2.61" by 6.14")
  • Same design on all 250 pieces (additional designs require separate orders)
  • We typically distribute 2 of these $500 bills to everyone at the start of the party
  • 2-week turnaround time (rush charges for orders placed within 2 weeks of event)
  • Although there is a fee for custom money, our standard funny money is always provided at no charge

Customize Your Casino Theme Party With Personalized Funny Money

Want a great and simple way to turn your casino theme party into a night that everyone will remember? Ask us about adding personalized funny money to your casino themed birthday party, corporate event, graduation party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or just about any event with a casino party theme. Simply provide us with a digital photo of the guest of honor as well as your personalized messages mentioned below, and we'll take care of the rest. Personalized funny money is also great for corporate events of all sizes - just provide us with a digital copy of your company's logo instead of a photo if you like!

Casino Theme Party Money Customization Options (Front)

  • The text at the top of the money (where you currently see "PUT YOUR MESSAGE HERE!")
  • The image inside the oval (no need for you to crop your image or logo into this shape — we'll take care of that as part of the design process)
  • The date (where you currently see the words "YOUR DATE" in green)
  • The name in the small banner underneath the photo (where you currently see "YOUR NAME")

Additional Customization Options (Back)

  • Text may be added at the top of the money (where you currently see "YOUR WEBSITE")
  • Text may be added at the bottom of the money (where you currently see "YOUR PHONE")
  • All custom text can be removed from the back of the money (no text above or below the image on the back of the money)
  • The standard image on the back ("dogs playing poker") can be replaced with your own image — just remember that the replacement image needs to be somewhat wide and narrow so that you don't end up with blank space on the left and right sides

“OH MY GOSH!! THE FUNNY MONEY!!! ITS AMAZING!!! As if it were real money, I want to keep every bit of it!! It's amazing. Thank you!! We just opened the box last night and I was so overjoyed. It's awesome. Thank you!!”

—Jennifer Powers

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